Thursday, May 1, 2008


Thirteen Things about Pammy

Since this is my first Thursday Thirteen ... and I have no idea how to do this ... I'm just going to wing it ... so please bear with me 8)


#1 - SHANGRI-LA - We love this local Chinese restaurant. We have been loyal customers since 1982. We have celebrated many special occasions there ... ie. birthdays, 1st communions, anniversaries, graduations.

#2 - OUTBACK - Love their grilled salmon and their creamy onion soup.

#3 - VICTOR'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - Local Italian restaurant where we meet our friends Mary and Danny most Friday nights for drinks and dinner.

#4 - LAMOTT'S - Their crab cakes are fantastic. Customers travel hours to enjoy these HUGE all lump crab cakes.

#5 - SAM & TONY'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - Great food. Jimmy took me to dinner there last week.

#6 - McCleary's Pub - Great Irish Pub in Marietta PA. They have a new outdoor bar and deck that is great for hanging out with friends.

#7 - Smokey Joe's - Wonderful pulled pork sandwitches. Awesome BBQ.

#8 - Vesta's Pizza & Italian Restaurant - Best pizza in Boonsboro MD.

#9 - TGIFriday - OMG - their fried green beans - to die for!

#10 - York Buffet - New restaurant located in the new York County Shopping Center (Best Buy). Main focus on Chinese, but the have a gazillion other items on their buffet. YUM!

#11 - Maggiano's Italian Restaurant - Fantastic food served family style. Their Peach Belinis are THE BEST!

#12 - Blue Moon Cafe - Expensive - but worth it. They have a new outside area that we'll be trying next weekend.

#13 - Culhane's Steakhouse - Best steak in PA. Their petite fillet is yum yum yum.

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