Friday, October 27, 2006

Our Weekend With Lance - Part 3

Part 3
Sunday October 15, 2006

Once again, Jimmy gets up before the sun and dons his spiffy LIVESTRONG outfit (jersey, shorts & socks) ... kisses me goodbye and heads out to conquer the road. Me -- I'm tucked away in this fabulous bed (king size) all to myself ... no snoring husband or 2 dogs to hog the bed and blankets.

A few hours later, I roll out of bed, grab a shower and enjoy reading in my chair by the window waiting for Connie (my friend from Fort Worth) to drive down and pick me up at the Hyatt. She arrives around 10 am and we head down to the Riverbend Park, in Smithville TX (about 40 miles south of Austin) where the Ride for the Roses starts and finishes. Our plans were to be at the park when he crossed the finish line. There was a party afterwards for all the riders and volunteers.

PS -- Smithville TX was featured in the Sandra Bullock-Harry Connick, Jr. movie HOPE FLOATS.

As Connie and I are cruising down Highway 71 in her brand new, Kickass, Livestrong YELLOW with black interior 2006 Mustang ... awesome machine ... Jimmy calls on my cell phone ...

Jimmy: Hey Pammy.
Pammy: Hey Jimmy.
Jimmy: Where are you?
Pammy: In Connie's car ... almost at Smithville. Why? Where are you?
Jimmy: In an ambulance.
Pammy: WHAT?????
Jimmy: I had an accident.
Pammy: What happened?
Jimmy: I was pulling into the rest stop at mile 60 and my front tire slid on some wet gravel and I went down.
Pammy: Oh no ... how bad?

(me thinking road rash and ruining his brand new Livestrong cycle shorts) -- In my defense, he's had several accidents over the years and they usually resulted in bad road rash and having to buy new cycle shorts. No biggie before.

Jimmy: They're taking me to the Smithville Hospital to check me out. They think I may need x-rays.
Pammy: X-rays ???

(me thinking -- Oh shit. Jimmy has United Healthcare insurance -- which is pretty crappy. Also I'm thinking did he break his arm, his leg, his head?)

Jimmy: How far away are you?
Pammy: We're about 10 minutes away.
Jimmy: Can you go to the park and get my book bag with my clothes so I can change at the hospital?

(me - now thinking -- oh - okay - this might not be so bad)

Pammy: Okay. What about your bike?
Jimmy: My helmet and sunglasses (his spiffy Lance Armstrong sunglasses that you don't want to know how much I paid on Ebay for) are with me. See if someone there can get the bike back to the hotel and we'll take care of it there.
Pammy: Okay.
Jimmy: Then get directions to the hospital and meet me there.
Pammy: Okay. Don't worry, I'll take care of your stuff and we'll meet you at the hospital.
Pammy: Yeah -- Jimmy had an accident and they are taking him there to check him out.
Connie: Is he okay?
Pammy: I'm not sure, but he's had accidents before, so I can't imagine it would be too bad.

What the hell do I know ??? Obviously not much!

Connie sees the LIVESTRONG banner at the park and we pull into the muddy parking lot -- getting her beautiful car all dirty. I still owe her a car wash.

We get out and I run into one of the volunteers I met the night before. I ask her where do we go to get Jimmy's book bag and take care of his bike. She had already heard about his accident and asks how he's doing. Me -- Oh fine ... I'm sure he'll be okay. -- again ... what do I know?

We head over to the Medic tent and the EMTs there had also heard about Jimmy's accident and ask "how he's doing. Me -- Oh fine ... I'm sure he'll be okay. -- again ... what do I know?

They direct us over to the Volunteer tent .. and yes ... they also heard about Jimmy's accident and ask "how he's doing. Me -- Oh fine ... I'm sure he'll be okay. -- again ... what do I know? (I really should stop saying this.)

One of the volunteers brings over his book bag and another volunteer wheels over his bike.

His bike is all dirty and messed up -- the front wheel is cockeyed and there is a big gouge out of the (boys) bar that goes from the seat to the handlebars.

oooooh ... that's not good.

The volunteers assure me that they'll get the bike back to the hotel, hand me Jimmy's stuff, give us directions to the hospital (literally one exit down the road) and Connie and I head off back to the car.

Back out on the road ... one exit ... there it is ... The Smithville Hospital.